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Packing Your Snacks

For me, snacks can be a life saver. I carry an RX bar and other goodies in my purse for “emergencies”. You know the times where you run late and forget to eat breakfast, errands take longer than planned, or someone brought donuts to work?

It is no secret I am a lover of salt and a big “snacker”. I learned it is important for me to feel included. Bringing my own “snacks”. if we go out to dinner with friends I can order hummus or guacamole to enjoy with my crackers. A stash of crackers or grain free chips, in my purse or in my car, is a way I can be spur of the moment, but not feel deprived or left out.

A stash of health snacks in the office fridge puts better options in close reach.

Small changes can lead to big impact down the road. Set yourself up for success this week and pack some snacks for “emergencies”. Also, if your curious about the snacks in the bags- it is Simple Mills crackers and unsweetened dried mangos!

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