• Letting Go Series (Living Minimally) - 05 May 2020
    No one ever looks back on their life thankful for their stuff or the things they bought. I want to make sure that I am able to passionately pursue my hobbies and desires to the fullest. For us, it means removing the things we do not use and practice mindfulness when we purchase something. It is about quality not quantity.
  • Cleanliness - 07 Apr 2020
    As we are all home more, this is an exceptional opportunity for us to spend some time deep cleaning and organizing the clutter. There is a lot in our lives we cannot control but we can control the cleanliness of our homes.
  • Wash your Fruits and Veggies - 26 Mar 2020
    Washing produce is important to prevent foodborne illness and reducing your exposure to pesticides. For good food hygiene, learn how to wash produce, regardless if it is organic or conventional.
  • Spend Time Clearing the Clutter - 21 Feb 2020
    Recently, I made a goal to go through every drawer, room, closet and cabinet in our house. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist, my desire is to get rid of clutter and unused items. For me, being in a space that has less and is clean provides so much more peace and comfort.