Letting Go Series (Resounding Yes)

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Picking strawberries

A pattern in of my life is my desire to please others. I tend to busy myself with things, people, activities and I think the root of it comes from wanting to please others.

Part of my journey required learning how to say no. I required rest in order for me to heal which meant I could not do and be the person everyone wanted me to be. I definitely grieved this. I needed to relearn who I was and what my motives were.

Now, most of us are at home and busyness ground to a complete halt. We are spending more time with our families, in the kitchen and maybe even in our yards. Although we are in a hard and challenging season, time is a new gift. Time creates opportunity to enjoy your house, the outdoors, and time with your family. All of this made me realize I need to carry over some of this time when life starts going again.

I heard people say I want things to go back to normal but I wonder how many of us are going to create a new normal. I want my new normal to be able to enjoy a coffee with a friend again or picking out flowers for our front porch but I also want it to have night with nothing on the calendar.

One of my favorite people to follow is @livingwithlandryn and she outlined it as only saying yes to the things bringing the utmost joy. If it is not a resounding yes, it is a no. As we step back into life and old routines ask yourself before responding to an email, text or invitation is this an unmistakable yes? Is this something I am stoked and excited to do?

A few weeks ago, I talked about #minimalism - the intentional promotion of the things I most value in life by removing anything that distracts me from it. I believe it goes deeper than stuff but to our schedules and lives. The goal is by saying no I am creating the opportunity to spend my time on the things I value most in life.

What can you mark as a no to allow to the time, mental and emotion space to pursue your greatest desires and passions?

The picture is from picking strawberries - an example of an unmistakable yes for me. Who knows if in “normal life” I would make the time to pick strawberries, soak them, dry them and then cut them to place in the freezer or fridge. It was so fun, and even though preparing them took longer, I enjoyed it.

For #tipthursday, I will share some practical ways on how we can understand our unmistakable yes(s) and what we can do to prepare as life starts to get busy again.

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