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It is a simple and effective solution. It does not need to be expense. The one I use is from Target. Although, I will say, at really crazy times in my life, I splurged on custom planners and they were worth the money.

I use my planner to track workouts, appointments, work, Instagram posts, meals, and overall goals for the week. I normally sit down on Sunday and plan my week. It helps me stay organized and frees up mental space. I found I do not expand energy in thinking about dinner or planning tasks. It helps me stay less stressed and prioritize key areas of my life. It does not mean everything is set in stone.

Plans can still be fluid. Mine change all the time, including what I make for dinner that night (for example: the menu for tonight included grilled chicken but it is raining. I swapped it for another menu item from the week). I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it- set yourself up for success. Small steps can lead success in desired area.

Purchasing a planner is a small improvement to make an impact down the road. It is a way to set yourself up for success.

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