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Mindfulness around the Holidays: Food

I shared some things that I am learning this holiday about myself and today I wanted to share some tips on how I am actively living those out.

  1. If I want a cookie (paleo), I eat it, even if I am eating it alone.
  2. If I am having a tendency to have 3 cookies, I stop and take a moment to see if I am emotionally eating, or just eating out of boredom.
  3. I drink lots and lots of water.
  4. I still try to get my goal of movement everyday, but I do not punish myself if I do not.
  5. I prioritize sleep, generally the later I stay up, or the more tired I am, I tend to not make mindful food choices.
  6. I try to eat the rainbow everyday- if I know I am going to have steak and potatoes later, I make myself a salad packed with veggies for lunch.
  7. I start with a smaller helping and after I finish it I decide if I am satisfied or feeling like I want more.
  8. I try and sit down for every meal, and plate my snacks.

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