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Mindfulness around the Holidays: Food

With the holidays right around the corner, thoughts of my weight start to creep in. Even though I have come a long way in learning to view health as not just a number, it is still hard to not think about all the temptations and extra treats.

It is still hard to not punish myself, or restrict myself if I “over indulge in cookies”. Some of you may be thinking, well everything you make is healthy, so does it matter? Even though I try to use nutrient dense foods, like nut flours and natural sweeteners, there is still a balance of treats and fueling my body with healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

It is the holiday season and baking is my love language- so here are a couple things I am learning and I thought might be helpful to share.

  1. It is OK to enjoy my favorite cookie at 10pm and still eat breakfast the next morning.
  2. It is OK to say “I am satisfied” when round 2 of dinner is getting passed around.
  3. The scale does not rule me. It does not tell me my worth nor is it in any way my identity.
  4. Sometimes the stress I put on myself for eating or not eating something is worse than actually eating it.
  5. Asking to go for a walk or stepping away to move my body is OK.
  6. It is OK if I mess up and do not listen to my body when it is telling me what it needs. Tomorrow is a new day.
  7. It is OK to listen to my body when I am full and do not want dessert, even if everyone else is having it.
  8. I can eat dessert alone if I want to.
  9. My hunger today is not dependent on what I ate yesterday.
  10. Restriction generally leads to overindulgence and a punishment mindset (at least for me).
  11. It is OK to pick and choose through the dishes of the holidays and not take everything- I know what my body needs and what fuels and nourishes it.

I believe we can all enjoy the holidays while still being mindful of what our bodies need and giving ourselves some grace. Stay tuned for some tips coming Thursday!


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