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Topic Tuesday: All about Maple Sugar

If you have been in the paleo/ refined sugar free world, you may be seeing maple sugar in ingredient lists. In some of the recipes in my Christmas Treats E-Book, I choose to use maple sugar instead of coconut. I thought I would explain why maple sugar is a solid substitution for cane sugar!

Maple sugar is evaporated maple syrup. Maple syrup, being a natural sweetener is paleo! There are two types of maple syrup, Grade A and Grade B. Grade A has three different categories whereas Grade B just has one. Grade B is actually harvested at the end of the season which not only makes it darker in color but it has the most nutrition and contains up to 24 antioxidants!

For baking, maple sugar gives a subtle maple taste and is a notable substitute for maple syrup if you are wanting to avoid a liquid sweetener. Generally, maple sugar is lighter in color than coconut sugar which makes paleo baked goods closer in color to the non-paleo ones most of us grew up on. Also, I love to use maple sugar in homemade powdered sugar.

Maple sugar is a better alternative than refined. It is more expensive than coconut sugar and can be a little more difficult to find but for certain recipes it is worth it! Go grab yourself maple sugar and make my wedding cake cookies or sugar cookies!


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