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I do not know about you but lately my heart, soul, and honestly body feels heavy. The uncertainty we are living in takes a toll on me. I have allowed myself to live in fear, to accept it as true, and allow it to seep into almost every aspect of my life.

My anxiety worsened, self-hatred thoughts creeped in, and it just seems I am seeing everything through a lens of hopelessness.

Today, I was reminded to guard my heart, which means actually guarding it, by choosing what to let in. Just because I feel something does not mean I have to accept it. Yes, I feel fear, I feel hopelessness but I can choose not to accept it or to not agree with it. I can choose to not allow it to reign in my heart and in my mind.

We are living in uncertain times. We do not know what tomorrow brings. There is much out of our control but let us focus on what we can control today. We can control what lens we are seeing from. We can choose to guard our hearts. We can choose to feel and not accept.

Practically, I think this can look different for everyone but for me, it is taking the time to understand why my heart or my mind is going to certain places. Then simply pausing and repeating what I know to be true and what I believe. It is getting in nature and out of my head.

We are living in uncertain times. How are you responding to the times we are living in? Are you living from a place of fear?

Friends, let us not have a spirit of fear but one of love and self-control. Let us make deliberate intentions to choose hope.


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