Letting Go Series (Resounding Yes)

Tip Thursday

Coffee with Friends

For #topictueaday, I shared about my goal of saying no is to create opportunity to spend my time on things I value most in life. It took me years to feel confident in saying no if it is not an unmistakable yes.

Tip Thursday is all about small changes with potential to make a significant impact down the road.

How do we practically live this out? I would first identify what brings you joy. Is it family time, painting, or getting coffee with a particular friend? Then identify what your schedule looked like before this pandemic. Are there things, activities, clubs, maybe even relationships you could not step back into?

What we say no to and how we actively walk that out is going to be different for all of us. We can all evaluate our hearts and lives to better understand what is life giving and what may be life sucking.

Journal, talk to your partner or a good friend and ask what they think.

My next advice is just to start saying no. Sounds easy right? If an invitation arises and you can feel yourself becoming stressed, bummed, or not wanting to go, then say no. See how it feels to say no and then how you feel after.

I would start small. I am not advising to quit your job because it does not bring you passion. Maybe will that at some point. I would say start saying no to small things and start saying yes to the things bringing joy.

So where are you going to start? What area in your life do you already know is a no? What opportunities will arise where you can sound a resounding yes to and say no to another?

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