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There have been times in my life where I exercised simply to lose weight. The harder I worked in the gym, the more I hoped to see come off the scale.

The irony for me was the harder I worked out the more weight I gained and the less I worked out the more weight I lost. I know it is not the case for everyone. During the time where I would push my body to the limits by going to the gym a couple hours a day almost every day, I pushed it too far and did not listening to what my body was saying. I needed rest to recover and I never allowed my body the rest. Sadly, I fixated on seeing my number on the scale go down, and I did not care to notice how bad I hurt my body.

When I hit the point where I could not do anything and allowed my body to rest and heal, I began to lose the weight. I know my story is probably unlike most but I do think most can relate. Are you exercising to lose weight?

This year I have found the important of exercise for my health, both physically and mentally. It is easy to feel let down after working hard at the gym (or in this case my garage) and not seeing the desired results. Exercise produces results beyond what we can see.

Regular exercise results in profound positive impacts on depression, anxiety, ADHD, stress and can improve memory, boost overall mood and much more. For me, regular exercise gives a sense of wellbeing. I have more energy, more confidence, I sleep better at night and overall, and I just feel better about myself and life.

Knowing all that, why is it still so easy to feel frustrated and unmotivated as soon as I step on the scale? On #tipthursday, I am going to share how I battled the feelings and emotions and share ways which helped me let go of exercising for weight loss. I flipped the mindset and started exercising for my wellbeing.

My challenge is to exercise for wellbeing. Changing our mindset from exercising strictly to lose weight to exercising because it is good for our body, soul, and mind. I am not saying a goal to lose weight is bad but I think we will see more positive results both mentally, emotionally, and physically if we exercise for our wellbeing.

Think about some of the positive affects you have seen from exercise not related to weight or physical results. Maybe you found a community or ground of friends. Maybe it brought self-confidence. Maybe it allowed you to enjoy a hike with your family. Whatever it is, rest in those positive effects and gratitude for your body - not for what it could be, or you hope it to be but for what it is right now and all it has done.

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