Letting Go Series (I Am Enough - Part 2)

Tip Thursday

On Tuesday, I shared about speaking truth into my life and letting go of the lies. One of the biggest lies I allowed in is that I am not enough. If you want to read more about how and why head to my #topictuesday post.

The first step in letting go of anything is acknowledgment. What is the next step? How do I practically let go of that lie and live in the truth?

For me, it is making sure I am feeding my body, soul and spirit with truth and love. Personally, I wake up and spend time in God’s Word. It grounds me in truth and allows time for reflection.

Rest in the truth and free the lies. It is a simple concept but requires an arduous effort to master. Do you recognize when shame starts to creep in? It is help to analyze what you are listening to and where your thoughts are taking you. Evaluate your actions and then act. Do not rest in shame, or lies. Shift your mindset and perspective into truth. It may mean taking a minute to breath or verbalize aloud positive self-talk. It may mean reaching out to your spouse or loved one and asking them to pray for you or speak into the lie or situation. It may also mean taking time and reflecting. Anchoring your identity, purpose, and relationships in the truth.

I talk a lot about understanding our why. Why do I feel like I am not enough? Why have I allowed shame to shape so much of my life?

Be vulnerable. Open up those closets you keep shut. Open up to yourself, to a friend, or your partner. Vulnerability creates vulnerability. It brings light and truth into the darkness and lies.

My challenge to you is rest in the truth and free the lies. How we do that may look different for all of us. What are some of the ways you can live in the truth and free the lies?

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