• Healthy Protein Bites - 25 Jan 2021
    The perfect snack for a busy day!
  • Strawberry Pecan Crisp - 08 May 2020
    Last weekend we went to a farm and picked strawberries so I obviously had to make a strawberry crisp. It turned out so yummy, I could not wait to share it with you! If you do not have strawberries on hand, no worries as any berries will work.
  • Nut Butter Toast - 25 Mar 2020
    It is easy to make and satisfies both sweet and savory lovers. I use a cracker for this but you can do bread or a rice cake!
  • DIY Nut Butter - 02 Mar 2020
    Do you make your own nut butter? It's so easy! I love making cashew butter because it’s way cheaper to make than buy it from a store.