• Skin Journey Part 3 - 17 Nov 2020
    After I had a second flare up, my dermatologist recommended something called “patch testing”.Q1
  • Skin Journey Part 2 - 29 Oct 2020
    My story has been one of “both and”. It has been both hard and joyful; painful and beautiful; devastating and rewarding.
  • Skin Journey Part 1 - 20 Oct 2020
    There is balance for me. I must allow myself to feel but not allow my view of myself to shape, drive, and control me.
  • Camping Reset - 05 Oct 2020
    The outdoors, escaping from everyday life is something that re-grounds me. The Alaskan in me craves nature and the healing and restoration it brings.
  • Letting Go Series (Living Minimally) - 05 May 2020
    No one ever looks back on their life thankful for their stuff or the things they bought. I want to make sure that I am able to passionately pursue my hobbies and desires to the fullest. For us, it means removing the things we do not use and practice mindfulness when we purchase something. It is about quality not quantity.
  • Letting Go (Series) - 21 Apr 2020
    There is beauty even in this season. Part of the beauty is the gift of time. I want to use this time to look deeper into my soul, spirit and heart. I want to actively be working towards the best version of myself. I desire to put habits into practice to carry over into all seasons.
  • Mindful Snacking - 17 Apr 2020
    One way I mindfully snack is by cutting and preparing my vegetables and fruit. After, I put it at eye level in the fridge. Anytime I open the refrigerator, the first thing I see is easily accessible prepared veggies and fruit.
  • Easter- Making the Holiday Special Under our Circumstances - 09 Apr 2020
    What can you do to make this holiday special? Can you hide Easter eggs (or just little treasures if you do not have eggs) around the house for your kids to find? Can you make a special dessert? Can you Facetime loved ones while you are sitting around your table?
  • Try Something New - 02 Apr 2020
    Tip Thursdays are about making small changes for a significant impact down the road. Trying something new does not have to be huge. It can be a small change, or a small step.
  • Anxiety - 31 Mar 2020
    Recently, my anxiety felt more crippling. I have struggled with anxiety since high school. Through the years and through many doctors, I learned about “Candida” which is a yeast overgrowth in my gut.
  • Use a Planner - 19 Mar 2020
    I use my planner to track workouts, appointments, work, Instagram posts, meals, and overall goals for the week. I normally sit down on Sunday and plan my week. It helps me stay organized and frees up mental space.
  • Prioritize Sleep - 17 Mar 2020
    One of the best ways is improve overall well-being stems from good sleep. I know everyone is not in a season where prioritizing sleep is an option (Any moms out there?) but if you are, it is crucial for your immune system.
  • Spend Time Clearing the Clutter - 21 Feb 2020
    Recently, I made a goal to go through every drawer, room, closet and cabinet in our house. Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist, my desire is to get rid of clutter and unused items. For me, being in a space that has less and is clean provides so much more peace and comfort.