• Letting Go Series (Exercise for Weightloss) - 14 May 2020
    One way I improved my wellbeing was by avoiding the scale. I used to go on it two/three times per week. Now, I only went on it once the last three/four months. Muscle weighs more than fat. When I start to exercise, specifically weightlifting, I gain weight.
  • Letting Go Series (Exercise for Weightloss) - 12 May 2020
    This year I have found the important of exercise for my health, both physically and mentally. It is easy to feel let down after working hard at the gym (or in this case my garage) and not seeing the desired results. Exercise produces results beyond what we can see. Regular exercise results in profound positive impacts on depression, anxiety, ADHD, stress and can improve memory, boost overall mood and much more. For me, regular exercise gives a sense of wellbeing. I have more energy, more confidence, I sleep better at night and overall, and I just feel better about myself and life.
  • Exercise and Movement - 03 Mar 2020
    There are a host of benefits to regular physical activity- better sleep, boosting mood, increased energy and sex drive, combating health conditions and diseases (metabolic syndrome, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression etc.), and helping to regulate weight.