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I have been a little quieter on here lately and honestly it is just because I am not feeling amazing. H3 is all about my journey, your journey, and our journeys of health, healing and hope. I thought it was about time to update you guys on what has been going on. Please know I am so fully aware how blessed I am, and my health issues, in comparison, are really nothing like others are walking through.

Some of you may know but for those who do not, I have been diagnosed with too many things to list and even more “you might have this” conditions. When we lived in Oklahoma, I took a season of rest where I basically spent all my time in bed trying to heal my body. I lived my days on steroids, pain medicine to help the constant and horrible pain, and sleep medicine. I totally changed my diet but I could barely eat anything without my stomach getting crazy bloated.

I slowly started feeling better and once we moved to Nashville and I found out the cause might be parasites. I began a year and half process of taking every parasites supplement and medication on the market. I did regular colonics, stayed away from the foods parasites fed on, and took lots of supplements. I got worse before I got better. A lot worse actually: Debilitating headaches, insane fatigue, crazy bloating, pain to the touch, lack of sleep, a few panic attacks. In time, I started to feel better until I felt so good, my personality returned back to me: the old me, the real me. September 2019- June 2020 I felt the best I have ever felt (Like EVER) so much energy, joy, and hope.

In June, I experienced a setback because of a horrible skin reaction which forced me to go off all supplements. On top of that, it was the pandemic, our pup passed away, and I had not seen family or friends so my overall stress was elevated.

For the past month and a half, I watched and felt my body start to slip back to how it was in the beginning. Incredible fatigue where it takes energy just to talk. A cloud of depression where I fight lies everyday. My stomach being so bloated regardless of what I eat. Pain to the touch, little bumps all up and down my legs and arms (facia), insomnia, brain fog, memory issues, and others.

I wish this next paragraph was all about the answers I have found and the plan in place. Honesty though, I am still figuring it out. I am going back on some medication to help with the parasitic infection and I am starting to eat low FODMAP to help with some of my gut issues. I am searching for the answer why this is happening again and what is the ROOT cause.

All of that to say, I am fighting for my health. I am yet again my own advocate to try and find healing. It is not easy, and some days I mentally more discouraged and exhausted than others. Yet, I know it is worth it. I have hope that I will be better. Although it is easy to want to jump to the finish line, what I have learned living with chronic health issues is the journey is where healing and hope arises. It has been in the journey that I have found community, strength, hope, purpose and found myself again.


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