My Relationship with Food

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When was the last time you asked yourself about your relationship with food?

To be honest, mine has been substandard at times and superb at other times. Growing up overweight resulted in quite a bit of thought about what I ate. I dwelled on the 2 Eggo waffles I ate instead of 1, the cake at the birthday party, the second helping I wanted of my Mom’s dinner but felt I did not deserve.

Fast forward to when I was trying to lose the weight and I would not allow myself things like cereal, bread, cookies, chips etc. I counted every calorie and shamed myself for even wanting a sandwich.

Then I lost the weight but I never knew if what I ate was going to hurt my stomach or make me feel bad. Instead of not eating things out of shame I did not eat things out of fear.

So where am I now? To be honest I am still figuring it out. There are times I do not want to eat dessert because the voice of shame comes back because I am fearful about causing gut issues. Finding balance when it comes to food is not easy and is a daily practice. I fuel my body with nutrients and I am mindful about the number of treats consumed. I also recognize the joy I experience baking and from hosting and gathering around a table. There are days when my body needs a salad but there are days I need some avocado toast.

I am learning to honor my body and my hunger instead of shaming it. It is not a one and done but a daily practice. I am choosing to fuel and nourish my body with an array of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and protein but I am also choosing to have the homemade peach cobbler.

So ask yourself today- how is your relationship with food? Wherever you are on your journey, if it is restricted on what your body can tolerate, if it is learning to fuel and nourish your body, or if it is allowing yourself the enjoyment of eating a cookie, I see you.


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