Easy Healthy Dessert Modification

Tip Thursday

Paleo icecream sandwich

Easy tips healthy swaps for desserts

  1. Sub applesauce for butter and/or oil.
  2. Use flax eggs instead of eggs.
  3. Use coconut sugar instead of cane/brown sugar.
  4. Add collagen for some extra protein.
  5. Use less sugar- if I am following someone else’s recipe, I almost always can do less sugar
  6. Consider using natural sweeteners- like dates, mashed bananas etc. For example, when I make nut milk, I sweeten it with dates rather than maple syrup.
  7. Freeze half of the dough. Whenever I make cookies, I almost always freeze half the dough to help with self-control and then you always have an easy dessert on hand.
  8. Half the recipe-limit the treats. If the recipe is not freezer friendly, I generally half it.
  9. Some dessert recipes allow for flour subs- if so almond and oat flour are great. You can also always keep a paleo all-purpose flour in your panty.

P.S. If you have not turned my chocolate cookies into a cookie ice cream sandwich, do it!

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