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Have you ever heard of the term “fight or flight”? It is known as the stress response. It activates when stressed or in danger to keep us from harm. When fired in a dangerous situation, it helps us survive to live another day. Unfortunately, this response does not just happen if you are running from a tiger. It can be from our day to day events- our packed schedules and our worries. This can result in some of the health issues we are seeing today like high blood pressure, suppressed immune system, anxiety, and depression. In fact, a lot of my health issues were from my body being in a constant state of “fight or flight”.

The other day, my mind started going all sorts of ways. I could tell I was sinking into a worst-case scenario mindset. As my mind started to race so did my heart, which in turn triggered my anxiety. I could tell my body was physically responding to what I was thinking and feeling.

On my journey of healing, something that has been crucial to getting my adrenals healthy again (the adrenal glands are triggered during stress) is slowing down and breathing, deep.

When was the last time you paused and took a deep breath? Deep breathing is said to help combat issues like anxiety, stress, pain, high blood pressure, and even digestion problems. It literally evokes the relaxation response in our bodies.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, just breath.

On Thursday, I am going to share a few tips on how to breathe deeply.

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