Letting Go (Series - Part 1)

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On Tuesday, I shared about starting a series related to letting go. Before we start, I think it is important to ponder what we need to let go of.

Take some time today or this weekend to reflect and journal some of the things/areas you want to let go of. As I started to list out mine, I was shocked with what I am still holding onto. After the first one, the ideas and thoughts kept on flowing. It was clear I needed to write it down. There is something healing about committing it to paper. It is a small step but a first step in letting go.

TipThursdays are about small changes leading to big impacts down the road. I believe taking time to journal and actually write down things we need to let go of is an important step in taking back control of our thoughts. I talked about controlling what we can and releasing what we cannot.

On Tuesday, I will share an area I am letting go of and why. I hope you join me on this journey. Let us take back control over ourselves and let go of the areas keeping us captive and no longer serving us.

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