Letting Go (Series)

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Bridge in the Woods

If I narrowed down what I learned these past few weeks to one thing, it would be my need to let go.

Letting go of control. Letting go of lies I believed. Letting go of things holding me captive. Letting go of clutter.

From now until May, I am going to focus my #topictuesday and #tipthursdays on things I am practicing letting go. Every Tuesday (for this series) I will share my why and on Thursday I will outline practical ways of letting go.

There is beauty even in this season. Part of the beauty is the gift of time. I want to use this time to look deeper into my soul, spirit and heart. I want to actively be working towards the best version of myself. I desire to put habits into practice to carry over into all seasons.

Let us practice letting go. There is freedom in removing the burdens shackling us down. Let us let go so we can fully walk in truth, lightness, and joy and run with endurance the path marked out for us.

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