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On Tuesday, I talked about eating how I want to feel. It can be easy to say it aloud but how do we practically live it out?

First, start with asking yourself why. Why am I reaching for a snack? Next, examine the answer. Is it I am I hungry? I am bored? I am upset and finding myself turning to food for comfort? Only you know the answers and what your body needs.

Once you understand your why, there are a few things to ensure mindful snacking.

One way I mindfully snack is by cutting and preparing my vegetables and fruit. After, I put it at eye level in the fridge. Anytime I open the refrigerator, the first thing I see is easily accessible prepared veggies and fruit.

“Snacker” is in my DNA and honestly always will be. However, I need to moderate the amount I eat so I am not mindlessly consuming. I practice plating my snacks. Taking a whole bag of crackers to the couch to work on something or to watch TV never ends well. Plating my snacks sets me up to avoid overconsumption.

Both tips are indeed simple. Tip Thursdays are all about small changes leading to big impacts down the road.

What are some of the ways you are going to practice mindful snacking this week/weekend?

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