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Do you eat how you want to feel? Have you ever stopped to think about food in the context of feeling?

How do you want to feel right now? Yes, we are at home more than usual. Yes, we are likely more scared, on edge, and trying to keep anxiety in check but how do you want to feel?

You would be remiss to put water and gasoline into your car and expect it to run smoothly at peak performance without issue. Garbage in. Garbage out. Why do I find myself always grabbing a bag of chips or ice cream and eating until it is gone? Eating a tub of ice cream may provide instant gratification but leaves an unpaid bill for later. Everything consumed affects mood, health, and relationships. If I want to feel energetic, clear minded, healthy, and active, I fuel my body with nutrient rich foods.

Understanding our “why” is of the utmost important. Why do I want to eat healthy? Identify first how you want to feel (I assume we all want to feel exceptional) as it helps us understand our purpose and motivation moving forward.

I am by no means saying I do not consume treats. Eat in moderation and accordance with how I want to feel.

On Thursday, I am going to discussing snacking with mindfulness with the uptick in working from home. I will outline practical tips to put mindful snacking into motion.

How do you want to feel? Why do you want to feel that way? Are you eating how you want to feel? As you start to ask these questions, exercise grace with yourself (especially in the current circumstances).


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