Easter- Making the Holiday Special Under our Circumstances

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Easter is on Sunday and we might be a little sad to deviate from normal traditions. Traditions like: going to church, enjoying a big meal with family and friends, or taking the kids to find Easter eggs. It all will look a little different this year.

I found myself focusing too much on the “I wish”(s). I wish Easter could be like last year. I wish I could pick out a fun dress and go to church. I wish I could be with my family. I realized the negative state of mind served only to make matters worse. I decided to focus on the “I can”(s). I can make the holiday special even under the current circumstances. I can still make a tasty meal. I can still share a meal with my family (via Facetime/Zoom/Skype/Other).

I challenge us to focus on what we can control rather than what we cannot control. I am still able to plan a fun menu for Easter dinner and find joy in it. I can still wear a dress as I watch church online.

What can you do to make this holiday special? Can you hide Easter eggs (or just little treasures if you do not have eggs) around the house for your kids to find? Can you make a special dessert? Can you Facetime loved ones while you are sitting around your table?

Let us choose joy and hope and focus on the “I can”(s). A change in our mindset from “I wish” to “I can” may seem small. Small changes lead to big impacts down the road. Let us shift our mindset and perspective during this time to be grateful for the things we can control.

There is still much you can control and much to celebrate.

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