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Tip Thursday

We all have more time on our hands then we know what to do with. I am choosing to look at this time as a gift and prioritize things I wanted to try.

Tip Thursdays are about making small changes for a significant impact down the road. Trying something new does not have to be huge. It can be a small change, or a small step.

I decided to stay away from social media and my phone when I first wake up. Right now, my goal is for the first hour. Instead of waking up and immediately turning over in bed to grab my phone, I am taking the time to check in with myself. I am focusing on my breath and spending time praying. After, I generally go and make my celery juice, empty the dishwasher, and spend time journaling, reading, praying and listening to worship.

Let us all use this time we have to try some new things or create new practices and habits. I would love to hear some of the things you are trying

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