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Have you heard of intermittent fasting? I thought it would be a pertinent topic to touch on since it is popular now.

I personally participated in intermittent fasting for the last couple of years and still regularly partake. I try to finish eating by 7:30 PM or 8:00 PM on weekdays and generally do not eat until 11:30 AM or noon the next day. I did not start it for weight loss which seems to be the cause of a recent surge in popularity. I tried it to see if it addressed any of my gut issues and inflammation. IF seems to have a number of health benefits to include weight loss, reducing inflammation, improving memory, lowering blood pressure & sugar, improving endurance, maintaining muscle, and reducing oxidative stress.

Improved sleep is the first thing I noticed. If I eat past my normal hours, I do not sleep as well. Also, I could tell my body liked it and I did not feel as if I was starving. Now, hunger does not set in until around noon. I recently modified my IF on workout days.

I start my Orange Theory classes at 9:30 AM which would normally be during my IF period. However, I could feel in my workout my body felt hungry and my energy was not quite there. On Friday, I ate one of my protein balls before class and brought another one for after. I saw an improvement.

All of this to say, I vary my IF depending on the rhythms of my lifestyle. In my current season, exercise is frequent in the morning so I’ve reduced IF. But if I exercise later in the day, or take days off I implement IF. Everyone is different and every body is unique so tune into your needs as your lifestyle changes and adapts. What works today may not work next month. A healthy lifestyle is a fluid journey.

What does your body need? Have you tried IF? What are your thoughts?

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